Record 1 Billion People Used Facebook In A Single Day!!
Deepak Babu | None | news

It's Facebook's reality, we're simply living in it. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the notable originator of the gigantic interpersonal organization, reported in a notice Thursday that 1 billion individuals utilized Facebook on Monday. As he put it, one in seven individuals over the whole planet interfaced with the stage in some structure on that day. 

"This was the first occasion when we came to this point of reference, and it's simply the start of interfacing the entire world," Zuckerberg composed. 

Putting it another way, one individual utilised Facebook for each four dollars the organisation made last quarter. 

On the whole, Facebook really has 1.49 billion month to month clients, which is, as we've noted some time recently, a greater number of individuals than live in China. 

"Much thanks to you for being a piece of our group and for all that you've done to help us achieve this point of reference," Zuckerberg composed. At press time, 33,307 individuals had loved his post.

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